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Assess student progress by viewing their notes as they write them. No need to wait for a "turn in" day.

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I used it for some post-graduate classes and it saved me so much time!

Laurel Smith - Master's of Education

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As we launch CiteGenius, we're trying to get as many teachers and students to use it and give us feedback. Any teacher can sign up and pilot the software for no cost during the 2021-2022 school year; all we ask is you provide us with feedback on what works, what doesn't, and what else you'd love to see in the product.

We are cognizant about student safety. We do not ask for student names or other personal information. We only ask for an email so that students can log in securely, but that email doesn't have to be able to receive email - it just needs to be unique to them, like

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Cite Genius offers a generous free-tier. We were students once too, right? If you find you want to use Cite Genius on all of your projects, there's also some pretty inexpensive plans with even more functionality.

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